Chris Spin 2019

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 14th Chris Spin. It was another great year with over 20 people taking part over the two courses. The weather threatened at times but we never suffered more than a few drops of rain and it was calm and warm for the most part. The good conditions contributed to what turned out to be the fastest ever completion of the circuit although it was a close run thing. At one point we were 12 minutes ahead of the previous best but in the end we just made it by 70 seconds! The

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Chris Spin 2018

The ride was slightly renamed this year to commemorate Chris Spin stalwart Steve Ludlam who passed away in 2017. We were also very pleased to welcome a number of new riders from Steve’s friends and family who supplemented the numbers. The weather was excellent – not too hot but pleasantly dry. In an experiment the direction road markings in chalk contained one or two film puns however the speed of writing meant that many were unclear and difficult to read so here is the full list: Riders of the Lost Ark Charity Rides of Fire Point Brake 12 Gears a

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Chris Spin 2017

Around 23 people took part in the ride this year following the same course as previous years. There were also a few doing the shorter ride as well. The lunch stop moved to Foolow due to over-booking in Great Longstone, which meant an extra hill before we could get our hands on those lovely butties. Once again we got lucky with the weather although it did threaten at one point. The wind was a friend on Froggatt but a foe on Stanage. Thanks to everyone who took part for making it another great day. Here are a few photos of

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Chris Spin 2016

Here are a few photos of this year’s ride. Report to follow.

Chris Spin 2015

The weather was certainly changeable with us being in danger of a total soaking, sun burn and being blown off the bike at different times through the ride. Around 20 started at Ladybower in light drizzle but this stopped pretty quickly as we headed up to Mam Nick which had managed to get a little bit steeper and longer this year. The sun came out as we arrived at the lunch stop in Great Longstone which was once again a sumptuous spread of sandwiches and cakes. The sun brought a strong wind with it which helped ailing legs up Froggatt but turned nasty

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Chris Spin 2014

Once again we were lucky with the weather. It wasn’t amazingly sunny but there was not much wind (except on the drag from Ringinglow back over Stanage) and it stayed dry despite a slightly dodgy forecast. There were around 20 people on the long ride and around 5 or so on the short ride. Most met up for lunch in Great Longstone which was as excellent as ever. This year the long course was marked out with signs for the first time which seemed to work well.

Chris Spin 2013

Another great day in amazing weather. We really needed the drink wagon this year so thanks a lot Nick. The course was the same as the previous year but with a detour to avoid the Winnats and Pin Dale. Unfortunately the route finding on this detour was quite a bit trickier and a few groups went cycling off blissfully down the wrong road and getting pretty lost. Next year we hope to use signs to mark the way!

Chris Spin 2012

The day was exceptionally cold but the rain stayed away and in the end it turned out to be excellent weather for cycling. The Long Course was the same as in 2011 – starting at Ladybower and then tackling some beautiful scenery up the Hope Valley and down towards Monsal Dale. There were about 24 spinners tackling the long ride which is something of a record. Most took it at their own pace although there was a point where everyone met up for lunch in the village hall at Foolow (which proved to be an excellent venue). The short course

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Chris Spin 2011

A new course was planned for this year tackling some big climbs (Alpes) from the Edale Valley, down to Monsal Dale. The opportunity to have lunch at the ‘Crispin’ pub seem too good to miss and both rides were planned to meet up for a snack and refreshments in Great Longstone. The long ride had four main ‘Alpes’ – Mam Nick, Pin Dale, Longstone Edge and Froggatt – as well as  a few small climbs. The short ride tackled Longstone Edge after the lunch break together with the long riders. Download the Chris Spin 2011 – Long Ride Download the Chris Spin

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Chris Spin 2008, 2009 and 2010

For three consecutive years the ride took place on the quiet lanes around Bradfield and the reservoirs. In early May 2008 we started on Loxely Common in grey weather with some rain threatening all day. The long course went to Bolsterstone, Midhopestones, Strines and then back to Loxley Common. The short course was a smaller loop around the four reservoirs near Bradfield. In 2009 the long course was extended with the fearsome climb from Bamford up below Stanage and then back to Loxley through Ringinglow. The short course remained the same. The ride took place in June in decent warm weather.

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