Chris Spin 2012

The day was exceptionally cold but the rain stayed away and in the end it turned out to be excellent weather for cycling.

The Long Course was the same as in 2011 – starting at Ladybower and then tackling some beautiful scenery up the Hope Valley and down towards Monsal Dale. There were about 24 spinners tackling the long ride which is something of a record. Most took it at their own pace although there was a point where everyone met up for lunch in the village hall at Foolow (which proved to be an excellent venue).

The short course was curiously undersubscribed with just one participant this year tackling a loop out and back from Foolow.

After last year’s amazing fund raising success the target was set quite high this year on Just Giving. Currently it stands £1,135 and still counting – a great effort.

Download the Chris Spin 2012 – LongRide
Download the Chris Spin 2012 – ShortRide

The photos below were taken on three main locations – the climb up Mam Nick, the short steep pull out of Monsal Dale to the pub at the top, and the delightful road along Eyam Edge past the Barrel pub. The portraits were taken after the climb up Froggatt.

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