Chris Spin 2018

The ride was slightly renamed this year to commemorate Chris Spin stalwart Steve Ludlam who passed away in 2017. We were also very pleased to welcome a number of new riders from Steve’s friends and family who supplemented the numbers. The weather was excellent – not too hot but pleasantly dry.

In an experiment the direction road markings in chalk contained one or two film puns however the speed of writing meant that many were unclear and difficult to read so here is the full list:

Riders of the Lost Ark

Charity Rides of Fire

Point Brake

12 Gears a Slave

Bike to the Future

Surecrank Redemption


Pacific 27″ Rim

Star Wars EPOsode IV – A New Dope


The Cogfather

The Peleton Brief

Lord of the Chainrings

The Texas Chainset Massacre

Pedal without a Pause

Astana is Born

Peddler on the Roof

The Breakfast (Lunch) Club

Deralieur Children

Singing Indurain

Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Saddles

Reservoir Cogs

Tubeless in Seattle

Mad Merckx

Oh Puncture where art thou

Some Bike It Hot

Team Skyfall

Planet X of the Apes


Sliding Dawes

Star Trek The Search for Spoke

Strava Wars

The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mudguard

Bridge over the River Kwiatkowski

The Good, the Bad and the Lycra

Spokeback Mountain