Chris Spin 2011

A new course was planned for this year tackling some big climbs (Alpes) from the Edale Valley, down to Monsal Dale. The opportunity to have lunch at the ‘Crispin’ pub seem too good to miss and both rides were planned to meet up for a snack and refreshments in Great Longstone.

The long ride had four main ‘Alpes’ – Mam Nick, Pin Dale, Longstone Edge and Froggatt – as well as  a few small climbs. The short ride tackled Longstone Edge after the lunch break together with the long riders.

Download the Chris Spin 2011 – Long Ride
Download the Chris Spin 2011 – Short Ride

Overall this was the best attended Chris Spin so far with around 16 people doing the long ride, and over 25 doing the shorter ride.

Unfortunately the best thing about the Crispin pub was its name and we won’t be going there again!


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