Chris Spin 2015

The weather was certainly changeable with us being in danger of a total soaking, sun burn and being blown off the bike at different times through the ride. Around 20 started at Ladybower in light drizzle but this stopped pretty quickly as we headed up to Mam Nick which had managed to get a little bit steeper and longer this year. The sun came out as we arrived at the lunch stop in Great Longstone which was once again a sumptuous spread of sandwiches and cakes. The sun brought a strong wind with it which helped ailing legs up Froggatt but turned nasty as we rounded the corner at Ringinglow to cross back over Stanage for the last leg-busting few miles. As a finale twist the weather turned very dark and threatened to dump heavy rain on as as we dropped back to Ladybower but thankfully it held off. A few punctures tainted the finish for one small group resulting in a brave rescue!

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  1. Apologies for the rubbish quality of the photos. Something is broken on the site and I can’t figure out why it is messing up the upload. I have much better versions.

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